Is Jason Garrett on the Hot Seat Watch yet?

I think we’ve seen enough over the years to know Jason Garrett is not going to get this team anywhere, and with another blundering loss under his belt the seat should be getting warm for Garrett. The burner is on, inching towards a medium heat this coming Sunday against the Panthers. The Cowboys are last place in the division at 2-3, and the rest of the division is playing better ball, so its going to be an uphill battle the rest of the year.
The Cowboys have carried over their December slump into the 2012 season. Since December 2011 until now we are an abysmal 3-7. Holy crap, that’s sorry. We are in serious trouble, this team is not buying into Garrett, and the penalties which are suppose to be correctable are not correctable under Garrett. Its the same BS, the same press conference optimism with no results.
So, how did we

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