Witten Playing Injured and Doug Free is Bad

Its been rough watching this game, but one constant that has effected the offense has been Jason Witten and Doug Free. Wittten is clearly not himself, dropping passes left and right. But perhaps much more concerning is the play of RT Doug Free. He’s been garbage since the first week and this is effecting the running and passing game.
I’m sure Witten will return to form, but this injury may last longer than expected. He’s out there playing, but he’s not close to 100% We may need to think about doing something at RT if Free continues to struggle, but if he plays like this the whole season, we’re in trouble.
However way this games ends, one thing is certain, we aren’t that good. We stink on offense, and we are having way too many penalties. We won’t win many games playing like this. Same ole BS guys.

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