Cowboys Practicing Exercise to Trade Up, ALOT

If you haven’t seen the Cowboys pre-draft press conference be sure to check it out in its entirety. The most intriguing nugget was when Jerry Jones was asked about possibly trading up for one player in the draft. Jerry said the Cowboys have practiced “that exercise ALOT”. Is this just Jerry throwing out some pre-draft smoke, or is this real?
Jerry pointed out that this is the first draft with the new CBA, and basically its easier to make a move up in the draft than years before since its no where near as cost prohibitive in regards to the cap.
The Cowboys are at #14, but this intrigue makes you wonder who the Cowboys have been practicing a trade up for, is it still Mark Barron, or will the Cowboys just take fans for a major “whoa” moment and draft someone else. The Cowboys can probably move up 4-5 spots without

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