Did You Know? 4-1-12

Bears defensive end Julius Peppers has racked up 100 sacks, eight interceptions, 36 forced fumbles and 477 tackles in 10 seasons in the NFL.
He’s recorded 10 or sacks in seven of those seasons.
Since coming to Chicago in 2010, Peppers has recorded 91 tackles, 19 sacks, two interceptions and three forced fumbles.
He has been voted to the Pro Bowl in each of his first two seasons with the Bears.
A random fact about Peppers is his college basketball experience at the University of North Carolina.
Peppers and Donovan McNabb are the only two people ever to play in the NCAA men’s basketball Final Four and the NFL’s Super Bowl.
Peppers and McNabb both played in the Final Four in 1999. Peppers made an appearance in the Super Bowl in 2003, while McNabb played in the big game in 2004.
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