Free Agent Frenzy: Bears Tender Kahlil Bell, Look To Be Moving On From Marion Barber

The Chicago Bears seem content having Kahlil Bell back up Matt Forte next season at running back.
Bell, a RFA was tendered yesterday for $1.26 million by the Bears.
With Marion Barber likely being released over the next couple of days, Bell will take over as the No. 2 back in Chicago.
Barber has already moved out of his apartment in Chicago and realizes he won’t be back next season.
Releasing Barber with one-year left on his deal would save the Bears over $2 million in cap space.
With Barber out of the picture at running back, Bell will get more time to showcase his abilities out of the backfield.
Bell was able to run for 240 yards in the final three games of the season including 121 yards against the Green Bay Packers.
The Bears will look to add a speedy back either in the draft or free agency.
Don’t be surprised if Armando Allen will be given a

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