Key Matchup: Bears Running Game Against Seahawks The Defense

The Chicago Bears offense combined to run for 158 yards last week in Denver.
Marion Barber had 108 yards, while backup Kahlil Bell had 40 yards and quarterback Caleb Hanie had 11 yards.
Barber and Bell had success on the ground, but mistakes in key parts of the games led to the Bears loss.
Barber was pushed out of bounds with under two minutes giving the Broncos another chance.
In overtime, Barber had a huge opening and tried to push through it, but failed to cover up the ball and lost the ball and ultimately the game for the Bears.
Luckily the Bears team was supportive of Barber.
Barber knows he needs to get better.
With one-year left on his contract, the Bears want Barber to succeed, but wouldn’t be afraid to cut ties with him if he falters more down the stretch.
Barber has 389 yards rushing and six touchdowns on the season, while Kahlil Bell has

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