After Thoughts: Bears Fumble Game Away In Denver, Losing Sight Of Playoffs

The Bears played the part in three important areas, but still couldn’t come up with the win yesterday in Denver.
The Bears defense contained Broncos running back Willis McGahee allowing him to rush for only 34 yards on 17 carries.
They shut down Tim Tebow for the most part, allowing him to rush for 49 yards and throw for 236 yards.
Lastly, they forced two turnovers, an interception and a fumble.
Those things seemed to be working for the Bears up until almost the end of the game.
The score was 10-0, but they allowed Tim Tebow to complete throws down the field consistently. It looked like the Bears were playing prevent defense.
With no timeouts for the Broncos, the Bears allowed Tebow to lead his team to a touchdown to make the game 10-7.
The Broncos were forced to onside kick the ball with roughly 2:08 left on the clock, Bears linebacker Nick Roach recovered the

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