Bears Would Be Wise To Bring In McNabb To Backup Hanie

Donovan McNabb was waived by the Vikings, so will he get another shot this season to play football?
Teams in need of a quarterback would be wise to bring the six-time Pro Bowler, whose been to five NFC Championships and one Super Bowl in his 13 NFL seasons.
The experience would be brought with him.
In 167 career games, McNabb has posted a passer rating of 85.6, while throwing for over 37,000 yards, 234 touchdowns and 117 interceptions.
He has also rushed for almost 3500 yards and 29 touchdowns.
Despite struggling at times last season with Washington and not really playing great this season with Minnesota, McNabb is an upgrade over the Bears current backups.
Josh McCown was brought in last week for the veteran minimum for around $800,000 and Nathan Enderle is a rookie from Idaho, who has yet to really show anything.
The word on McCown this week in practice is he has shown significant

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