The Bears Knew Cutler’s Thumb Was Broken Moments After Game

According to Dan Pompei of the Chicago Tribune, everyone in the Bears organization, for some baffling reason, was pretending Cutler wasn’t injured even though his teammates already knew he broke his thumb.
Brian Urlacher and many of the veterans who spoke after the game must have been told to keep their mouth’s shut until the injury was official.
It was a very weird process.
The Bears won, Cutler stepped up to the podium, acted like everything was good after the win and then two hours following the injury news blows up.
The Bears likely didn’t want the word spreading about the injury unless it was 100% official. They could have handled the situation a little bit better.
Cutler update
Cutler is expected to start rehab tomorrow or Friday after undergoing successful surgery to repair his right thumb today in Colorado.
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