Hanie Will Step In To Start For Now, Bears To Look At A Veteran For Insurance

What now for the Bears?
With Caleb Hanie the starter for perhaps the next few weeks the Bears will need to give him some help just in case.
Cutler will likely be on the sideline coaching him up, but rookie Nathan Enderle doesn’t provide the Bears with a good enough backup in case Hanie goes down.
The Bears are going to be looking to sign a veteran quarterback. There aren’t a lot of solid options out there.
After the Todd Collins disaster, the Bears will look for someone with a better ability then him.
According to a source, Brett Favre’s agent Bus Cook has contacted the Bears. The extent of the conversation is unkown. I wouldn’t expect him to be the guy the Bears look to sign.
Some veteran options for the Bears to sign as Hanie’s backup could be: J.T. O’Sullivan (18 career games, 69.9 QB rating, nine td’s and 13 int’s), Chris Simms (23 career games,

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