Week Four Power Rankings, Chicago Bears Edition

Here are the Week Four Bears power rankings from various sites around the web:
ESPN: #18 (Last week: #10)
Analysis, “So much for the move to have the Bears run the ball more.”
Fox Sports: #18 (Last week: #12)
Analysis, “This was a 17-10 game at the half, yet Matt Forte still only had nine carries on the day. It is not all Jay Cutler’s fault, but going 1-5 against the Packers will make Chicagoans anxious.”
CBS Sports: #20 (Last week: #15)
Analysis, “Many of you pegged this as the step-back team in 2011. You just might be right.”
WEEI.com: #16 (Last week: #11)
Analysis, “The defending NFC North champs are already two games behind first place. It comes as no surprise that no quarterback has been sacked more than Jay Cutler this year (14 times). Regardless of what GM Jerry Angelo says, this offensive line has not improved. As a result, the Bears will struggle week after week.”

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