Longtime Bear Maynard Lands With Browns After They Lose McGee For The Season

10-year Bears punter Brad Maynard was always a true professional in his time with the Bears. He was upset when he was let go this off-season, so was kicker Robbie Gould and long snapper Pat Mannelly.
Maynard, ranked last in the NFL with a 40.1 yard average on his punts, so the Bears decided to get a fresher leg in Adam Podlesh.
Maynard signed a deal with the Texans on August 2nd, but was released on September 3rd in favor of rookie Brett Hartmann.
Maynard has been waiting around for an opportunity. He is considered one of the best directional punters of all time. So, with the loss of Richmond McGee for the season, the Browns decided to give Maynard a call.
Browns special teams coach is very familiar with Maynard, he spent the past three seasons with him in Chicago.
Good luck to Maynard in Cleveland. It is definitely weird that he is taking

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