Cowboys Used Jets Matchup as Measuring Stick

So, now that most of Cowboys Nation has had a full day to digest the disappointing loss against the Jets we’ll take a look at the good the Cowboys did against the Jets. To be exact, the Cowboys used the game against the Jets as a measuring stick, and we did very well, despite the turnovers.
Many of us had great concerns over the defense, since they looked very average during the preseason and very vanilla; however, against the Jet’s the defense looked solid, and brought pressure with great frequency. This is the type of 3-4 defense the Cowboys have needed. Parcells and Phillips’ 3-4s were complete busts, and looked nothing like what we saw last night -very impressed. I look forward to attacking our rivals with this defense, can you imagine what Manning, Grossman, and Vick will do? I like our odds, I really do. Ryan has this unit on

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