Bears Could Look To Tinoisamoa Or Williams As Backup Options At Linebacker

Pisa Tinoisamoa and Jamar Williams are two linebackers the Bears are very familiar with. The Bears could look at one of them to provide some depth at a position of importance.
Tinoisamoa spent the last two seasons with the Bears playing in 14 games, making 11 starts. In that brief time he made 44 tackles, one sack and two forced fumbles.
He was steady when healthy last season. With Briggs and Urlacher next to him, the Bears linebackers were one of the best units in the NFL.
If Tinoisamoa does return he would have to show the Bears why he is better than Nick Roach, who has done nothing but good since coming to the Bears in 2007.
Tinoisamoa is currently rehabbing from knee surgery that he had this off-season. His knee injuries have been problematic for him as of late.
He is an upgrade for any NFL team, but the Bears are in desperate need of

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