Free Agent News: Bears Needs and Wants

The Bears have many things to do now that the lockout is over. Just like the other 31 NFL teams, they want to re-sign their own and get going with the best free agents at the positions of need.
The Bears added 26 undrafted free agents yesterday, two drafted players today, leaving only three drafted players left to sign and free-agents.
Here are the Bears positions of need: OL, WR, LB, DL
The Bears are interested in a lot of free agents according to sources.
Center Olin Kreutz, DT Anthony Adams and LB Nick Roach are just some of their own free agents they’re are working hard to bring back. CB Corey Graham and WR Rashied Davis  are a couple other of their own their still interested in.
WR: Mike-Sims Walker, Brad Smith and Steve Smith have all been rumored to land with the Bears sometime during this hectic free agency.
OL: T Jerome Bushrod, T Willie

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