Jay Cutler Decides To Bail On The Wedding And Dump Kristin Cavallari

I’m sure you’ve heard Bears QB Jay Cutler is no longer marrying former reality star Kristin Cavallari.
Cutler, who went through so much drama after his departure from the NFC Championship game against the Packers in January, has more drama to deal with.
Fans will likely bash Cutler some more after suffering from what sources are calling cold feet.
The two got engaged back in April and posted their long wedding registry so many fans and friends could see recently.
One unnamed friend says Cavallari “got dumped.” Another friend says Cutler was “too controlling” and it soured the relationship, leaving Cavallari “devastated.” She was spotted Saturday in West Hollywood without her 5.2-carat engagement ring, reports UsMagazine.com.
Cutler confirmed the split himself early today on his Facebook page, writing, “Thank you all for the support, but if you talk bad about Kristin I will delete and block you. It’s unecessary and heartless. Also, don’t say now I

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