2010 Stats: Charles Godfrey vs. Chris Harris

Charles Godfrey: Carolina Panthers
36th in tackles (84)
42nd in pass deflections (13)
9th in interceptions (5)
5th in interception return yards (112)
31st in forced fumbles (1)
Signed  a 4 year, $2,559,000 contract in 2008. Will make $1,200,000 this season and will be an UFA in 2012.
Chris Harris: Chicago Bears
62nd in tackles (70)
53rd in pass deflections (12)
9th in interceptions (5)
24th in interception return yards (69)
7th in fumble recoveries (2)
Signed a 4 year, $13,300,000  contract in 2008. Will make roughly $1,550,000 this season and will be an UFA in 2013. Has recently expressed interest in finishing his career with the Bears.
Quick Analysis:
Both free safeties had solid years. The Bears probably regret ever trading Chris Harris to the Panthers and the Panthers shouldn’t be too upset for dealing him away. Both safeties put up solid production.
The numbers are actually very similar. So, the Panthers have a very good young safety in Godfrey and the Bears have a very good veteran safety

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