Odds That Plaxico Burress Lands With The Bears

After 21 long months in jail, WR Plaxico Burress is a free man.
The Super Bowl XLII MVP is now 34-years-old and is searching for a place to play when and if the lockout ends.
Plaxico seems pretty happy to be a free man, but he also seems focused on making a big return to the NFL as the biggest free agent at the wide receiver position this off-season.
Here are the odds that Plaxico Burress lands with teams who need a tall wide receiver, one being the Chicago Bears:
Philadelphia Eagles                      3/2
New York Jets                            3/1
St. Louis Rams                          11/2
Washington Redskins                15/2
Minnesota Vikings                     15/2
Pittsburgh Steelers                    10/1
Chicago Bears                           12/1
New York Giants                        12/1
Cleveland Browns                      15/1
Oakland Raiders                         15/1
Will Plaxico Burress be suspended at any point by his Team or the NFL during the 2011 Regular Season?

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