Did You Know? 5-24-11

The highest a tight end has ever been drafted is with the 5th pick in the NFL Draft.
This happened in 1961 when the Chicago Bears chose Mike Ditka out of the University of Pittsburgh.
Mike Ditka played 12 seasons in the NFL, six with the Bears. He played in 84 games in his six seasons in Chicago.
He made 316 catches for 4503 yards and 34 touchdowns. He averaged 53.6 ypg. He was voted to five straight Pro Bowls from (1961-1965).
He went on to win two Super Bowls in four years with the Dallas Cowboys. He spent his last two seasons with the Philadelphia Eagles appearing in 20 games.
Ditka had great success as a player and soon there after coached pretty darn well too. Ditka was an assisted coach with the Dallas Cowboys from 1973-1981.
He was hired by the Bears as the head coach in 1982 and stayed there until 1992. Ditka

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