Q & A With The Biggest Bear Fan, Glenn Timmermann

Glenn Timmerman is not your average Bears fan. Timmermann loves the Bears so much he gets the players to sign all of over his body, so he can get each Bears autograph permanently tattooed.
People call him crazy, but he clearly doesn’t care. Timmermann, who calls himself the “Biggest Bear Fan” has turned this hobby into what some consider a work of art. Timmermann was featured on MTV.com recently in an article titled, “32 NFL Tattoos For 32 NFL Teams”, check that out.
I wrote about Timmermann about two years ago here on Bearsbacker, but just recently had a chance to discuss with him everything Bears. It was definitely an interesting chat with Mr. Timmermann, he had a lot to see about everything I asked him.
Here is the interview with the “Biggest Bear Fan”, Glenn Timmerman. Exclusively on Bearsbacker.com:
Q: First of all introduce yourself to the Chicago Bears world. Who are you and what

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