WR Chad Ochocinco Heading To The Bears?

Chad Ochocinco is not happy that the NFL lockout has taken place. He is also not happy with the current team he is under contract with, the Cincinnati Bengals. The 33 year-old wide receiver doesn’t seem content spending a 11th straight season with the Bengals.
A member of the Bengals since 2001, when he was drafted in the 2nd round. In 151 games, Ochocinco has made 751 receptions for 10783 yards and 66 touchdowns.
His time with the Bengals will likely come to end with the threats made by Carson Palmer to retire if he isn’t traded. Also, Ochocinco like many other veteran players, wants to win a championship before his time in the NFL is over.
Ochocinco said he would welcome a move to the Bears: “Honestly man I’m just sick of losing.”
Ochocinco still has some talent left in him no doubt and if the Bears decide to trade some draft picks

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