The NFL Lockout Is A Shame To All Football Fans

The NFL lockout is a joke. For the league to be locked out after arguably having the best season in revenue. April 6th a hearing between the players and the NFL will be held in federal court. That will likely be an important event for the NFL to figure out.
The NFL and it’s players has six months until the season starts to solve all of this. It is complete bogus that the NFL has gotten to this point. No one really thought it was possible, but now that it has happened fans and players are definitely disappointed.
The NFLPA has warned the incoming players to boycott the draft. That could start up a riot.
Either way the league needs to figure everything out with the CBA and the labor deal because no NFL means a bad end to the 2011 year. Without no NFL for 2011-2012, I would miss out on so

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