ESPN’s Rick Reilly Rips Into Bears QB Jay Cutler

ESPN writer Rick Reilly wrote an article two days ago about Bears QB Jay Cutler. He didn’t have many good things to say about Jay Cutler as a person.
No one really has anything nice to say about Cutler when it comes to his personality.
The only people that really do are his current teammates in Chicago. Teammates like TE Greg Olsen, RB Matt Forte and WR Devin Hester all seem to enjoy Cutler’s company on the field and off it.
Cutler’s attitude on the field and in press conferences might be why people don’t like the guy.
TE Greg Olsen had this to say about Cutler: “It’s funny to me how people form an opinion of a guy who’ve never even met him.”
Rick Reilly basically bashes Jay Cutler’s personality in this entire article and again I can understand where he is coming from a little bit. I honestly think Reilly is just trying to stir

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