News & Notes: Ron Rivera Takes Panthers Coaching Job, Bears Sign Future Contracts With Two and Rashied Davis’s Status For Sunday

Former Bears defensive coordinator Ron Rivera, who left the Bears after 2006, went to San Diego to take the same job. Rivera is now officially the head coach of the Carolina Panthers.
The Carolina Panthers, who are in total disarray after having a horrible season. They went 2-14 and just had nothing going on the offensive side of the ball. Luckily they have the number one pick in this upcoming draft and they have a fresh start with a good defensive minded coach in Ron Rivera.
Rivera will help the defense get up to speed, but the Panthers will have to find a good offensive coordinator. This is a great move by the Panthers to bring in Rivera, who has been wanted by many teams as a head coach since 2005.
It might take a couple of years for the Panthers to rebuild and fixing up the defense first is a great start.

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