Week 15 Power Rankings, Chicago Bears Edition

Here are the week 15 Bears power rankings from various sites around the web:
ESPN: #8 (Last week: #9)
Analysis, “Does Brian Urlacher still think the Bears are better than the Patriots?”
Fox Sports: #8 (Last week: #5)
Analysis, “Maybe the Bears aren’t as good as we thought they were? Hey, the Patriots had to play in the bad weather and didn’t have a problem scoring. The Bears still are the favorites to win the NFC North, but they certainly aren’t overwhelming anyone.”
SI.com: #11 (Last week:
Analysis, “The Bears did just run into the New England buzzsaw at the worse possible time, but you can’t say Chicago hasn’t lived a charmed existence this season. The Bears are getting the Vikings outdoors and maybe Favre-less this Monday night in Minnesota. And that’s after the Week 1 Calvin Johnson non-catch call, facing Carolina the week Chicago was without Jay Cutler, drawing the winless Bills on

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